Resized images don't change in size in glide

So currently I am making a ranking structure and have images corresponding to said rank. I am using a template for all of the images, however, there are some images I would like to resize. I have tried using cloudinary and resizing them there but come up the same size when uploading them back to glide. I am using a HTML on a Rich Text Component. I can change the size for all of them using

<center><img src="{imageURL}" width="{width}" height="{height}"></center>

in the template form, but I can’t change individual ones. I’ve scoured online trying to find a solution and I have yet to find one. Hopefully this makes sense. I can send screenshots if needed to show what I am doing. Thanks in advance.

Is there a reason you don’t do the resizing directly in the URL using Cloudinary and reference that in your template column?

I do the resizing in cloudinary and then paste the URL into my google sheets column under rank images. Then I reference the URLs in the google sheets and have them pulled by the template column. Here is a picture what I am doing and look at level 23 for reference.

rank image copy

I meant resizing directly in the URL.

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When I do that, it does show the different size when clicking on the URL but when I paste that URL into my Google Sheet and it uploads to Glide, the size is the same but the image is now blurry. Almost as if Glide just keeps the default size regardless. See the attached images for reference. See Row 24 on the Google Sheets for the resized image in the URL. On the glide app, Level 23 (the new scaled version) is a blurry image and has the same default Height and Width that Glide forces on the image. Level 24 shows a crisper image cuz I didn’t change it’s scaling. Am I missing a step?

I meant you don’t need to upload the image directly to Cloudinary unless it’s over 10MB. Do you have that image uploaded somewhere else?

What I usually do with Cloudinary is transforming from the images I uploaded to Glide, so fetch is my go-to method. I don’t think I ever had a problem with it.

Can you copy the URLs of those 2 images, directly from a browser, not via your database, and let us know what transformation was applied by Glide?

And just to confirm, you meant that resizing directly in the URL results in a good image, and uploading to Glide results in a blurry one?

Ah ok good to know. Thank you. I have found the solution though. I tried to streamline the process via a template with a set height and width but as soon as I removed the height and width from the template, it allowed all my resized images from cloudinary to show up as I made them. I forgot the template forces all my images to be the set height and width I made it. Thank you for your help though!

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help! I thought I found a solution to resizing my images in cloudinary, but if I use an image component in glide, the image simply fills the area . How can I force glide to resize an image, or keep the original size when i’m using it. Maybe use rich text to make this work?

Can you give me an example URL?