What is the best way to control image?

So I’m using ‘copy image address’ and adding it to my spreadsheet. When some of these images appear on glide, they are incredibly zoomed in and do not look good at all. What is the best way to control how an image is cropped?

What sizes are your image? I usually use Cloudinary to resize them to a standard I want and use that Cloudinary link to display the image.

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The images are all different sizes. Cloudinary? I’ll have to check it out. I was hoping there would be some sort of in house option.

I would advise you to start by reading this.

Cloudinary is a solution that enables you to edit images on the fly just by changing parameters in the URL.

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Hi @Brian_Rosenstein

In your case, I would use Cloudinary only if you absolutely need to: it is a 3rd-party solution that you might be able to circumvent.

  1. Idea 1: Have you tried changing the “Image height” options within the “Image” component?
  2. Idea 2: Have you tried uploading the image(s) through the Glide builder directly instead of using a link in your Google Sheets?
  3. Idea 3: Have you tried editing your images ahead of time even before putting them into your sheet or into the Glide builder? As @ThinhDinh suggested, your images might big to begin with.

Image optimization

Cloudinary might help you with image optimization, but if you are not doing anything at scale, you might want to explore the other ideas first. I hope they might help.

Robert nailed this one!

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So I think your right and Cloudinary is going to be more than I need at the moment.

I’m trying to go the uploading route but I’m running into an issue. On my data sheet, the column shows as a link and won’t let me upload. I can’t seem to create a column on my google spreadsheet that is image specific. Glide auto formats this into a link in the data editor. Is there a way to change this back to an image in the data section in Glide?

Hi @Brian_Rosenstein

When you mentioned “data sheet”, I am not sure if you meant your “worksheet or sheet” in Google Sheets (GS), or the “data editor” in Glide (GDE).

Either way, my comments base on your description:

  • If you are seeing a link that starts with “storage.googleapis.com” or a link that might include “Firebase” in the domain name, you uploaded your image correctly via the Glide Data Editor. If the link starts with “drive.google.com”, you are still using an image stored on your Google Drive.
  • Whether you uploaded your image via the GDE or not, in your worksheet in GS, your image column should always contain a URL (again, either “storage.googleapis.com” or “drive.google.com”)
  • In the GDE now:
    • a) if you created a text column (possibly initially in GS) and are drag and dropping your images in the builder to an image placeholder associated to that text column, then you should see a URL in that text column in the GDE.
    • b) if on the other hand you created an image column and are drag and dropping your images in the builder to an image placeholder associated to that image column, then you should see a thumbnail of your image in that image column in the GDE.
    • c) Both options, using a text column or image column, will allow you to successfully display your images. I do not know if one option is better practice than the other. Given the choice, I would opt for an images column.

I hope this helps.