Images Size, Hosting


First question, how can I make the size of an image smaller, but not blurry or pixelated? Are there certain dimensions for each layout?
I made the size smaller but it was just pixelated, and I want it even smaller.


Also, where are you hosting your image, I am hosting them on Glide, is that good practice? I found when I add an image to my google sheet it did not show up, only when I uploaded it through glide data editor.


When you add an image on google sheet, are you just copy pasting the image straight into it? It is writing over your cell instead as data isn’t it?

When I want to do the resize, I use Cloudinary to put the icon on a white background, essentially resize them by creating a bigger white “border” around them.

I add the images as an upload from my computer. I don’t mind uploading to glide data editor, I like it actually but was just wondering what people usually do.

Ok, I will try that! Never heard of them, but will take a look.


Watch this great little tutorial created by @Robert_Petitto to see some magic via Cloudinary.

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I used this method in paint. Worked perfectly. thanks! :slight_smile:

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