How to modify images in Glide?

I would like to know if theres a way to modify images that are fed to my glide app.

Example: 3 images are submitted, place one image as a background with the two others inset, cropped as a circle and spaced a certain distance apart.

I’ve heard of javascript and other ways to manipulate styling etc. Is there perhaps a formula/column in the data editor that can do this? (with minimal knowledge of coding)

Not that I’m aware of. I think people generally use cloudinary for image manipulation.


Okay thanks for that. I will check them out🤙

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If you have a fixed idea of how to manipulate those 3 images then Cloudinary is indeed the way to go.

The idea here is to fetch one image to use as the background, then convert the other 2’s URLs to base64 and use them as layers.

I saw Robert Petito’s Videos (on his youtube channel) about this which are so informative.
Though there doesn’t seem to be a way to automatically turn an image URL into base 64?
I saw someone who uses a sheets formula but it seems to work alongside a script.
Any ideas on how to automatically convert an image url to base64 without scripts or coding?