Cloudinary photo collage with Glide

Hi everyone, has anyone been able to use the photo collage method from Cloudinary?
This one → Generate your photo collage online | Cloudinary Cookbook

I’ve tried to reproduce the exact same example of their cookbook, adding each of the 4 images to a column in Glide and creating a template column to result in their same example URL.

The only thing I changed was the “/demo/image/upload/” to “/glide/image/fetch/”

This resulted in this URL, that unfortunately is not rendering:,h_140,c_fill/l_,w_220,h_140,c_fill,x_220/l_,w_220,h_140,c_fill,y_140,x_-110/l_,w_220,h_140,c_fill,y_70,x_110/

Any ideas?

Hi Igor

Have a look on this documentation

You need do base64 on your url overlays when using fetch command.
You can do that by using encode column

Make sure that you allow fetch on your cloudinary account as described in the documentation above.

You might also use auto upload instead of fetch. See below post


Extraordinary! Worked like a charm! Thanks a lot!

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