Cloudinary Round Picture Help

I’d like to start using Cloudinary a lot more, but I was hoping someone could clarify how best to use it with Glide.

Ideally, I’d like someone to upload their photo for their profile, then I’d like the displayed photo to be round.

As I understand it, the URL that gets generated when someone uploads a photo to Glide needs to pass through a Sheet formula to ENCODEURL so that it works with a template column in Glide (and then into the Cloudinary URL).

I found the syntax to use in Cloudinary (example:,h_100,c_thumb,g_face,r_max/billclinton.png), but I was hoping there was a newer way to do everything instantly instead of relying on sheet formulas.

Am I missing something?


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It should take a template column like this.*****/image/fetch/w_100,h_100,c_thumb,g_face,r_max/IMAGE_LINK

*****: your account
IMAGE_LINK: The link of the photo the user uploaded.


That works! Thanks! I guess it’s even easier than I thought. I’m not sure why I thought I had to do that ENCODEURL formula.

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For Cloudinary, the only times I need to take it back to the Sheet is when I apply a fetched layer on top of a base image. I had to convert it to Base64.