Image edits & transformations

I’m guessing most users here use Cloudinary for image transformations.

is there any way of editing images without having to upload them to services such as cloudinary?

I for example want to add a certain text overlay to images.
I can use QuickChart backgroundImageUrl and add the text… but its really not made for that.

any tools which can help add a text overlay without uploading the image there?

Hi @rayo ,

If we are talking about images in a list or inline list layout, have you tried using the overlays available to you in the tile and card styles?

If we are talking about images in a component, have you tried the title or image components that also offer overlay options?

EDIT: Note that if you feel you have too many pieces of information you want to include in the overlays, you can use the template column in the data editor to turn multiple pieces of information into one single piece of information.

If what is native in Glide isn’t enough, then Cloudinary might be a good idea to expand your options.

(overlays in the card style)

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If you haven’t used Cloudinary fetch, then it might be the answer for you. You don’t necessarily have to upload your images to Cloudinary.

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thank you @ThinhDinh , I will have a look at Cloudinary fetch immediately.

@nathanaelb images are in an inline list layout, what is native to Glide isn’t enough for this case.

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I almost exclusively use fetch. I usually fetch an image as a background, then fetch more for layers (using base64 links).

Do you have to enable fetch from your Cloudinary account before this service works?
and is there any risk in that?

No, you don’t have to enable it, it’s automatic. I’m not aware of any risks.

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