Image Dimensions

Don´t know why it won´t display ?!

":::: English Description ![English Description](upload://7iptvgJrr6tg5OGY9aEc6sKg6jz.png)

Would this be ok?


The rich text format is:

<div id="container" style="white-space:nowrap"></div><img src="" alt="English Description" width="32"/><br><b>Codfish baked in the oven with corn bread cover. With vegetables and baked potatoes.

Just perfect :slight_smile:

I have added the HTML code for it above, added a div container before the image.

Thanks very much

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No worries Joao, feel free to ask us if you need anything more.

Much appreciated. An Arsenal Fan, right ?

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Yes, been following Arsenal since 2002 haha.

I like Arsenal but my team is Benfica… we have a long story beatting Arsenal in European Leagues ha ha ha ha.

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Haha thank you. I like your stadium a lot, been watching some Benfica matches over the years. Actually just searched about your team this morning while covering the news for the community here, due to the David Luiz quotes that he want to come back one day.

David has a dream to end his carreer in Portugal. His wife is Portuguese, he joined Benfica very young and he´s having business and a house in Portugal. The only issue is Benfica’s President do not like to hire former players as he wants to invest in young players. Sent you a message in your app chat. All the best to you and your family.

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I have replied back in the app chat, thank you and best wishes to you and your family as well!