How to enforce actual size on image?

I have two small images (squared, 200px only) but they are enlarged by Glide automatically. Even though I could theorically place each image in each side of the 1:1 container (displayed properly in desktop screen), they ended up stacking up vertically on mobile screen due to the enlarged size.

I know there’s a size option for image component and I’ve chosen “small” but it is still blown up.

Any remedy, please?

I think that you can create a HTML with <img src="{imageURL}" width="{width}" height="{height}"> as template column in Glide. Replace this {imageURL} with your URL and make it RichText in your app.

Hi epdarias,

Thanks for the solution. However, I uploaded the image to Glide directly so I don’t think I can adopt your method.

You can replace the URL in template column for your column of image uploaded.

Vime 21 Sep 2023 at 11_59_41


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