I would like to be able to add rows to the data source Google Sheet

Click the button to enter data into the Show Form Screen to add table rows.
However, rows cannot be added in the data source Google Sheet. Why?

The feature was translated by applying the function =ArrayFormula(IF(C2=“”,“”,GOOGLETRANSLATE(C2,“en”,“ja”))) to each column in the second cell of Google Sheet.

If you have an array formula in the Google Sheet, you will almost certainly find that Glide is adding new rows way at the bottom of the sheet.

You should make sure to remove any empty rows from the sheet, and then it should work as you expect.

A row can be added, but it is added below 1000 rows.
Is there a way to translate when adding lines?

Yes, as I said if you delete all empty rows at the bottom of the sheet, then it should work.

Although you should adjust your array formula. I would recommend putting it in the first row, and construct as follows:


So you understand the difference between empty rows (= rows that exist with empty data) and no rows at all.

This is what you want: a table with the minimal amount of rows and columns. And especially no empty rows.

This is what you do not want: superfluous rows with no data