Why is there a gap of blank rows of my Google Sheet?

Hi guys,

I’m struggling right now because on my Google Sheet, after row 5 (which is not empty), there are hundred of empty rows before row 1001 (which is not empty). Do you where the bug comes from? Can you help me to fix it?

Thanks for your help!

Hola @thomasthebody

Are you using an array formula? If so, just delete those empty rows. That will fix the issue.

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Hi @thomasthebody , welcome to Glide’s community forum.

To add to @SantiagoPerez 's reply, rows that seem empty to you (to the naked eye) but are actually considered not empty from Glide’s perspective are rows where usually one in the cells contains a formula. This may happen when you’ve used an arrayformula on a column or dragged a formula down a column.

If this is a problem, as Santiago suggested, shorten your sheet in GS by deleting the unnecessary rows.

Also, you might want to consider moving over any formulas in Google Sheets to computed columns in the Glide Data Editor. Computed columns are very powerful, and a nice side effect is you’ll increase the performance of your app – less lag time – which in turn will improve the experience of your users.