I cannot create a RowID column

Why, when I add ROW ID, the column with RowId just disappears after a few seconds. And it happens all the time. I cannot create a RowID column

When you create a RowID column, it becomes the first column in your table. Have you checked to see if it’s been created as the first column?

The first column is empty

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Try the following:

  • Add the RowID column
  • If it doesn’t appear immediately, exit the Glide Builder and return to the Glide Dashboard
  • Refresh your browser
  • Open your app again, and check if the RowD column is there

I probably understand the reason.
I cannot change anything in the original file. Therefore, I loaded my table in exel format. And everything works! The RowID column doesn’t disappear!

Hi @Darren_Murphy is this a good solution to many Glide problems? Just exiting and refreshing browser? Earlier this morning, I was having a slightly similar problem where I couldn’t create an independent action in an inline list within another inline list due to RowID (even though I did have one). But after I took a break and came back, it now works. I had even posted the issue in below thread. Thanks in advance for any opinion

It’s my go-to solution whenever I encounter any funkiness/quirkiness in the Builder or Data Editor, yes.
I use Glide a lot (I spend at least 6-8 hours a day working on Glide apps - and often double that), and so I’ve come to recognise the signs that things have gotten out of whack and it’s time for a refresh. Some of the telltale signs that set off my spidey sense are:

  • GSheet and Glide table data doesn’t match (even after a re-sync)
  • Columns don’t delete cleanly (takes 2 or 3 attempts to nuke one)
  • Misbehaving cursor (bouncing in and out of the column search text input and/or column modals)
  • Column edit modals jumping off the screen
  • Other little quirks that I can’t recall off the top of my head

Please note: I’m not bashing Glide. I love Glide, and I love it’s awesomeness and just about everything else about it. Yes, little quirks like this can be annoying - but nothing is ever going to be perfect and if that’s what you’re expecting then you’re doomed to perpetual disappointment.

Also, I tend to have around 100 or more browser tabs open at any given time, and I’ll have anywhere between 4-10 Glide Apps on the go all open in separate tabs - and I never close these tabs. So I’m probably pushing things a little bit :wink:


Wow! So many knowledge bombs! Bookmarked this for future reference. Thanks a lot! You and @Jeff_Hager make up 99% of my Glide bookmarks so much appreciated!

Also, yes totally get it’s NOT Glide bashing and I feel the same way. When I ask about workarounds, I hope I’m not conveying that I think the platform isn’t good, but rather I believe the possibilities are so great that I need to know the quirks to avoid surprises as I want to make it work long term. Thanks again


Well, that’s quite humbling to be mentioned in the same sentence as Chuck, thank you :slight_smile:

PS. When it comes to Glide, I’m just a bumbling idiot compared to Jeff :wink:


Jeff is a Chuck Norris… :wink: