Row ID Column Completely Blank

I created one Row ID column in one tab of my Sheet, and it works fine. I created another Row ID column in a different tab in my Sheet, and it’s completely blank. And I can’t seem to delete this Row ID column in this tab. Some more info: each of these row ID columns are labeled the same. Does that have anything to do with it?

Here’s the screenshot of the blank Row ID column…

Is there other content in this sheet. I’m guessing there is, but your screenshot is cropped…just verifying.

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Yes, there is more content.

Hm…not sure. The name shouldn’t matter. I’ll leave this one to the Glide team :wink:

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@spencerb Did you create the Row ID column in the Glide Data Editor, or did you just add the column to your spreadsheet?

Could you share your app, please?

Yes, I created the Row ID column in the Glide Data Editor. Here’s my app link. I have a password set to get in. Do you need that? The tab in the Data Editor where the Row ID column is not working is in the Flipgrid tab.

Not sure if this helps you guys, but in the Creators tab, I created a Seesaw Creator relation and for some reason, it’s pulling a row ID instead of the name of the creator in the other tab. I realize this is totally unrelated to the Flipgrid tab, but thought I’d mention it. Here’s a screenshot…

Relations always show the first column only. It’s still relating to the entire row.

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@spencerb Not sure what’s going on there. Did that Row ID column in that sheet ever work?

Would you mind deleting that column in the spreadsheet, then reloading in Glide, and then adding the Row ID column again in the data editor? Does that make it work?

It still wasn’t working, but when you suggested deleting the column in Sheets and then re-adding it, it finally worked. I’ll know what to do next time that happens. Thanks for your help.

If it happens again, please let me know, especially if you notice that there is some condition under which it hapens.

Ok, I definitely will. Thanks.