How to unblock the user-specific check box?

Hello Community,
Do you know how to unblock the user-specific check box? I can’t check that box. Do you know why?
Thank you!
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Hi! You can activate it only during creating new column. At present column you can’t activate it


Hello Alexey, thank you, The database belongs to Google Sheets. Do I have to create this from cero? I have more than forty columns.

User-specific columns can only be created in Glide’s data editor. The checkbox is only available for basic columns. Once the basic column is created and saved (either as user-specific or not), then the checkbox cannot be changed.

If you wish to change the nature of the column – from non user-specific to user-specific, or vice versa – then you need to create a new column and start replacing one by the other. The “Find uses” feature will help.


Hello Nathanael, thank you for your reply. I did this with one column, but when I select viewing as anyone, it shows the information that should be user-specific; in this case, the input field where “casa” should be blank, right?

  1. Adding the column
    1. Step 1

  2. Visible to me

  3. Visible to anyone?
    3. Visible to anyone

Yes thru editor looks like a bug, but at published instance work normally

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Hello, thank you, you are right; I published it, and it works well, is this a new bug, or has it been running like this for some time?

I don’t remember it in a before you point it

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