Unable to uncheck user-specific column

Describe the bug:

  1. I am building an app on top of a MS Excel sheet
  2. I want to add a new column in one of the tables
  3. If I try to add a column from glide data editor, the column is always “user-specific”
  4. The uncheck box is disabled, so I am not able to deselect the box for any new column

Expected behavior:
I should be able to deselect the checkbox of user-specific column

How to replicate:
Create MS Excel sheet with some data
Create a glide app using this sheet
Open data editor in glide
Click on add new column
See that you will not be able to uncheck the user-specific column


I’m not sure if that’s a “feature” or a bug. I believe @David_Gabler or @Darren_Murphy may have more experience on this, so the question is can Glide actually create a column in the Excel file?

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Not me, sorry. I’m allergic to Excel :stuck_out_tongue:

I will be highly disappointed if it’s a feature.

Not a fan of Excel either, but it’s a client requirement to link it to Excel and I won’t be able to create custom glide columns now…

I’m not sure either, but I wonder if this may be a limitation of the Excel API that Glide can’t do anything about.

I would think you could still add non user specific columns directly in the excel sheet if needed.

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That’s what I have been doing. But it doesn’t let me create custom math, relation, etc. columns that are not user-specific. :expressionless:

It does require you to create new physical columns on the Excel side, but for computed columns (like relations, etc.), that checkbox is not there.

I was really excited when the Excel interface was announced and then released, but I have not been able to implement it yet.

I just checked using one of the apps I have tied to Excel. Unfortunately, I have found other shortcomings in the Excel implementation that make it not feasible for me to use. Data that is added in rows and columns sometimes never “makes it” to the Exel side from the builder – either when entered manually in the data editor or when entered from the App (in the builder). I have not even gotten to the point of testing with a published App.

I just added an Exel column, and it came over to the Glide side with all the data…

But earlier I had added data to the columns next to it (from the Glide side), and as you can see, the data just disappeared.

This may be a situation unique to me. I am using Excel 360 on Windows 10. As you work with Excel, see if it works right for you.

I submitted a support ticket months ago, but it has not been resolved. So sometimes I feel like I’m the only Excel adopter. These replies from the experts imply that I may be correct.


So you can’t change the column type to a Math column when creating a new column? There’s no such thing as user specific or not user specific when it comes to computed columns. They only become user specific if they are using another column that’s user specific.

Just to be clear… are you trying to change an existing basic column to a math or relation column, or are you creating a brand new column by clicking the Plus button, and you are not presented with those different types of columns?


No no that is expected behaviour, always been like that.
Once you create a column with USC unchecked you cannot go back and switch it to user specific/USC… OR vice versa. (i always assumed there was too much coding connected to that column to just flippantly switch USC on and off)

[Are you sure you didn’t create the column and try come back to switch on or off?
If the issue exists from when you first create the column, then ignore the rest of this message]

Just delete the column and create a new column correctly. (NB remember to delete the column in your sheets - if USC was not selected to start with)

Fortunately, if many other columns in your table reference that column, then you can use the “find all uses” function to redirect those existing columns to the new column. (such a handy feature)

In the olden days of Glide (AKA 3 years ago) there was no find all uses feature, nor ability to search columns and find content, reorder, use folders etc, and if you named your column wrong or forgot to name it at all, there was no way to go back and change it, deleting and re-creating columns was my least favourite Glide Activity😪 And the editor was slow and a bit glitchy, now i try only use the Data-editor/Tables, it’s come a long way.

There used to be a pop up that warned you if you don’t select USC you wouldn’t get another chance. Maybe they still have that for new users?
Hope you come right.

I think this is the pop up that shows if you don’t have a row id column.


This situation is not unique. I raised another ticket reporting this issue: Rows getting deleted automaitcally on Excel - #2 by Darren_Murphy

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no this is not the case. all new columns have that checkbox disabled. looks like a bug, unless someone can confirm it’s due to limiations of Excel API

Thanks so much for pointing out that computed columns are not user-specific!

Turns out that there are 2 issues I see with Glide + Excel now

  1. It’s just cumbersome to go back and forth between Excel and Glide data editor to add columns.
  2. Data being wiped off randomly. See @David_Gabler 's comment above and another bug reported by me here: Rows getting deleted automaitcally on Excel - #2 by Darren_Murphy