How to translate Filters labels

Hi, is there a way to translate (in this case to Spanish) the Filters labels and Filter buttons labels?

I don’t think there’s a way for us to customize it at the moment.

@Cait I’m not sure if I’m tagging the right person (sorry if it’s wrong), but can you shine some light on how we can contribute to this? Is it hard to implement technically and can we contribute as community members?

Hi there! This is a great question, it seems our automated localization isn’t applying to that filter screen. @BrettH is the right person to tag, he can escalate this for our product team. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!


Any news on this?
Still the text is wrong

Any news? @Cait @BrettH Its been two months and the text is still the same.

We haven’t added localization to this screen, but we have added it to several others. It’s a great feature request, and I will make sure the team is aware!


The Notes object also requires localization or, at the very least, an editable placeholder.