Better translations

@david @Mark I now and then see translations in Dutch that could be better, is there still a way to help make the localized versions better?

Yes, there is! Please fix them in our translation app and let me know when you’re done, and we’ll ship the fixes :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi @Mark can I help you with translation in italian language?

@mark I can help out with danish. But I cannot log in to the app

Same here! Great idea to set this up though! I’ve noticed some areas where French translations will be helpful.

On that note, are localizations only ever going to be tied to a user’s device settings? Or could there be a way to have a profile field that asks for the user’s preferred language?

Would love that!

Same here! I currently use a choice component to change component visibility based on a language selection, but that doesn’t change the built-in Glide-controlled fields.

@Krivo @Antonino_Nolasco Please PM me your email addresses so I can add you to the app.

@Mark Have you changed anything? Yesterday I could change stuff in the app now I can’t enter anymore?

Please add me to help on the Arabic side

@erwblo Marks replied to me that they had changed something - and need to fix. I cannot enter either.

Ah check!

It’s fixed now.

@Yasin_Hassanien I added you for Arabic. Let me know when you’re done, and thank you so much!

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All done :ok_hand:

All done @Mark :+1:t3:

Dutch is ready to update!

Danish is ready :+1:

Thank you all! We’ll ship your improvements on Thursday :slight_smile:

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