The little detail that drives you crazy

I raise the subject again. You have to tell us when we will have the translations : submit button, search, requiered field and all the rest.

We can’t deliver magical applications but with bits of untranslated language.

The customer hates it and it spoils the whole experience. it looks like a poorly finished application or one that we don’t care about and we leave it like that.

Personally i love to polish my work and it drives me crazy to see pieces in english !

ooooh !! great GLIDE team" so please tell us “when will this feature finally be finished?”

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Do you have an ETA for this @SantiagoPerez ? I haven’t seen it being mentioned recently.

Hey @Parabolik

What language?

Hi @SantiagoPerez !

are you actualy work on this problem ?

Would appreciate this aswell.

Just like we can change the text on other components the generic text which can’t be changed ruins a lot of the premium feeling for the end user.

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