Fix - fixed labels

Hi Guys,

When creating apps in different than English language, there are few places in Glide where you cannot change the label:

  1. Cancel/Submit in forms
  2. Sign in/Sign-up & View Profile/Sign out
  3. Add/Edit/Delete in collection actions
  4. “All” in collection filter & “Filter By” and “Search”
  5. “Open App” button in email template

Can these be fixed? The apps would be then fully translatable.

And I guess, full multilanguge apps that’s probably too much to ask for? :wink:


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  1. Tab Labels
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  1. “Required” field indicator (or just change to *) :wink:

The itens in the burger menu when using mobile
Profile Menu Itens in english

Buttons “Clear All” and “Done” in In-app Filter