Language issues

When a form is submitted appears a popup that says “Sent”

This is new, thank you. Please allow us customize in the app language or translate it by default.
As required other time, please think in non english language apps when developing.

You have also paying customers outside english countries.

Thank you very much again!

We think about non-English languages but we are just a few people. We’re trying!

You are few but very good !!!
Thanks for trying!


yes, a am also facing this problem, that in some areas there is no chance to change the language, for example in forms uploading picture there is a placeholder “Upload” or if you have an empty list “There are no items yet”

Those strings should be translated. Are you saying that all text that Glide puts into the app shows in your language, but “Upload” and “There are no items yet” shows in English? Could you show us screenshots or a video of that?

Hi, for example this. I am not able to change that placeholder. Screenshot%20from%202019-09-28%2019-57-32

Is your phone’s language set to your native language, or is it English? That “Upload” text should show in the language your phone’s browser is set to (if Glide supports it).

What is your phone’s language configured to?
When you go to the app’s Share screen (see video below), do you see that in English or in your language?

For info > Upload is showing well in Spanish in my app.

‘Sent’ pop up when a form is submitted shows in English and also the email ‘your pin for …is 4646 ‘.

That is a great problem when selling apps because it looks unfinished, unprofessional and the app out of our control.

Sorry for repeating myself, but GDPR check is a must when selling in Europe. Now I have to guide the user to a bot, accept privacy policy and when done , link to the glide app. That is a conversion killer !!

Thanks again!!

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I agree that having more control over the current sign in process is important. I would like at the very least to have the ability to have a link to some kind of Terms and Conditions and Privacy giving the user some way of agreeing to them and a way to check that they did click that agree button before proceeding. I’m not familiar with the GDPR check but it seems like it is something that any commercial app would need to adhere to if even one customer was from the EU.