Language change

How do I change the language to English? It is in Russian, I don’t want it any more. I tried changing Google language, it didn’t help.

do you want to change the language in the settings of your glide editor or inside your app?

Inside the app. I managed to do it with all the things inside the app, only sign-in screen is in Russian. How to change it?

Can you specify how did you change it inside the app? The language change should be made on the browser level.

I didn’t change it inside the app. I had both app and Google Chrome in Russian. Now I have a client to build an app for her, but she is Ukrainian, she wants only English. I can’t get rid of Russian. I tried asking gpt it says “go to the language bar and change it”.
I changed Chrome language into English. It didn’t help.
Is there any way I can do it?
Or do I make a new account?

It should be automatic based on the region/locale that the user has chosen on there device. Usually that’s a setting in the browser.

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Oh, really. That’s automatic. Thank goodness for that. I thought I gonna reject that client. Thanks for clarifying

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You could always create a small test app and have your client try it to see what language is displayed for them.

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