How to select lookup column on details page in glide app?


I am building both a glide app and a glide pages application using the same set of tables. In both applications, I have a tab called products that you can click to see the product details page. On that page, in the pages version I can create an inline list using the data source of a lookup column in my products table. In the app version, lookup columns and relation columns don’t appear to be available data sources.

Is it possible to use a lookup column to display information on the details page in a glide app? Perhaps there is just a different way to do it in an app?

any help would be greatly appreciated!



You likely need to create the computer columns (the relation and lookup) in the app version of your project as well. Even though they share the same data sources, the computed columns are tied to each project.

Actually I think kyleheney is right. I just needed to add the same computed columns in my new app project.


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