How to make all rows under "Place" column viewable to user via "Search""

I have about 40 rows data and the first column ‘Place’ contains all different names of cities.
I made an app with cards screen holiday home app
when a user clicks the card in opening screen the details screen opens which serve my limited purpose. Moreover by entering the initial letters of the place the user can search the desired place and related details.
the issue that I am stuck up is some users may not be aware of the places under the column in the app .So I wish that either the search tab is populated by a drop down list of places OR since the opening screen shows only six records at a time-the user by clicking a button or link
user should be able to see the remaining records 6 at a time till end.
Being a beginner I do not know whether it is possible at all?
My sheet is at

You were providing a link to the builder version of the app, for security purposes none of us can access that, so if you can provide a production link of the app it would be great.

Nevertheless, if you are using Glide Pages, I assume what you can do is add a filter to your collection so that users can filter by the “place” column and can view multiple places’ names at once.

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For production link I presume I have to publish app or there is some other way?
holiday homes
will this link work?

Further is there a way to scroll down the cards screen to view rest of the cards other than Pg up down arrow up down keys?


Ah yes, that’s the only way. Your second link also doesn’t work.

Do you mean this is an inline list/collection or is it a swipe layout?

published app holiday homes. you have to sign in.
In addition to my earlier post I need help for
1)So far I have uploaded only 12x2 images. I have to go to each image open it into a new tab copy the link. It is tedious for me. Is there a better and efficient way for uploading the images?
2)Your opinion about the app and further refinements needed if any.
3) Each controlling office has a booking email like bookingahmedabad@… and a draft application to be sent by email for reservation. for that I wish to create another column in the sheet. But how is it possible that when the user clicks the email the mail is sent to the booking office with the draft application.
whether for such matters an app is better or Pages. I have never used Pages.
Any other suggestion in the matter is welcome.
thanks a lot for spending time with a novice.

I see you’re allowing them to filter already, so I have no further comments on it.

I usually scroll up and down using my mouse (laptop) or my fingers (phone). What do you think should be an alternative for this? I almost never use the arrow keys to navigate.

What do you mean by “open it into a new tab to copy the link”? Where do you store the images at the moment?

You can use the Compose Email or Send Email actions for that, just point the “email to” column to the right column in your database.

I would recommend using Pages, since that is the product Glide will focus on for the future.

In this app I want to add a tab ‘bookings’ where each controlling office is assigned a particular email for booking of holiday home.
for example

Ahmedabad bookingahmedabad@…
Bengaluru bookingbengaluru@…
Bhopal bookingbhopal@…
Bhubaneswar bookingbhubaneswar@…

… and so on 25 rows are there.
I need to make when the user select his office like Agartala, Ahmedabad etc. from the dropdown list, the booking email address is automatically shown in another box below. and then set an action to send email.
I have tried by creating a relation between office and booking email in a table as below:

But I am unable to get the desired result in layout.
I shall be thankful if I’m helped again.
[Glide] (Glide)

I assume you’re doing this with a choice component?

If you don’t absolutely need the “controlling office” name value in your database, you can set it to write the rowID to the cell containing the choice.

Then relate that back to the table above, and retrieve the email using a lookup column. You can then use that in an action to send an email.

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