Search by Neighborhood

Is there a way I can insert a search box for neighborhood into my details view?

I know you can search via a map tab, but I would like for users to type in an address (this would have to auto-suggest as well) and search for businesses that way. A list of business which match the neighborhood will then be populated. Inline list won’t work well since there are over 300 neighborhoods.


Firstly auto suggest wouldn’t work.

About the neighborhood thing, probably you can write the search value via a text entry to a user specific column, then use that user specific column to populate a single value column in the sheet where you store all locations. Create a distance column to calculate the distance between the single value column and the addresses of locations.

Not sure what you mean :frowning: I also do not want anything a user types in or selects to go back on my sheet.

Can text entry be tied to an inline list like the choice component?

user specific columns are not written to the sheet

What does this part mean?

“This will create a new empty column in the data editor, ready for you or your users to add their own data”

This will allow you to create a new column that’s internal to Glide only. It will allow you to store values in one column cell that are unique only to each user. This would be a perfect column to use with a text entry component to allow you to enter an address without it being written to the sheet or shared with other users of the app.

Yes I now understand this from our last chat. :slight_smile:
Can this be tied to an inline list to show a businesses in that neighborhood each time its typed in?

Yes, set your list filter accordingly.

For the text entry component, there is no option to pick a source or value to pull data from.

It’s a text entry component. It will show whatever is in the column it’s attached to and allow you to type to change that text? Why would you need a source or value? Sounds like you want a choice component instead.

There is a list of about 300 neighborhoods, so I would want a user to type in a neighborhood that’s already in the neighborhood column. Then a list of businesses that are in that neighborhood populates.

Since there are so many neighborhoods, this won’t work as choice component, at least for the inline list because each neighborhood will need its own inline list.

Why would each neighborhood need it’s own list instead of just filtering one list?

If you would rather type in the neighborhood, that’s fine. I don’t know why you would need a source or value. Those have nothing to do with a text entry component.

So essentially I want it to work like a search box where the businesses in that neighborhood populates.

How will the text entry component know which values that includes if its not pulling data from somewhere?

I don’t understand how you are expecting it to work. You type in the box. Why would you want to have it populated with values already? You filter the list off of the text entered.

Have you taken the time to go through any of the tutorial videos?

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I didn’t know the choice components turns into a search once there are more then 10 options, I think that will work better for neighborhood in that case!

I think I got the choice components I need down…Now it would just be tying those to an inline list, where the rows that match those selections populate below. That’s what were talking about on the other chat.