Dynamic/Interactive location lookup using map component

Hey there!

I’m trying to replicate a classic app we currently have published, where we type in an address and the inline list shows the nearest locations from a list.

1 lookup column retrieves the target address obtained from the text entry, a distance column gives the distance in miles to sort the lists and have the “nearest”.

The map inmediately show the nearest registered locations on the backend table and the inline list below also displays the 10 locations that are closer (In miles) to the target address.

I’m being able to retrieve the “nearest” locations on an list (Collection) based on that text entry, but I couldn’t make it to have the text entry interacting with both the inline list and the map component, I don’t want to force users to type in both search bars just for one address. Is there a way or another approach you geniuses could give to it and can share for this project?

I thought of the title bar action but found out I can’t transfer (set column value) the value on the search bar to the value in the target address (entered by user on the text entry)

If I understand you right, you just need to calculate the distance from the input address to each location in your Locations table.

Then sort both the map and the collection by the distance ascendingly, limit to 10 entries.

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Hi ThinnDinh, silly me I overlooked the filter when targeting the text entry and the search bar from the map component.

Appreciate the help and the quick response!!

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