Search settings and Swipes in my App


I have Glide app. How I can clean search input every time when I want search somethink new?


  1. i search “Hello” on Card list screen

  2. click card

  3. click back button

  4. in search input i have “Hello”, but i want clean seach input

And second questions:

can i use in my app Swipes (left to right? right to left?)

maybe do somthing by double tap on card?


There is no way to clear the search text from the native search bar, so in order to get what you want you would have to implement a custom search/filter.

This is fairly easy to do, the general approach is as follows:

  • Start with a details screen, and add your card list as an inline list component
  • Create a user specific text column in your underlying table to hold the search text
  • Add a text input component to the screen, and target it at the user specific column
  • Use a single value column to apply the search text to all rows
  • Create a filter on your inline list that compares the entered text to whichever column you want to search on

Once you have the filter in place, you can create a custom action on your inline list that first clears the search input, and then does a show details for the item selected. One point to note is that because each list item is attached to a separate row, you would need to create a single relation to link each row to the first row, and then do a set column values via that relation to clear the user specific column.