Entire list AND search bar disappear when using search bar

Glide Pages
Component is Collection, Style is Table
Option Show Search Bar is on.

I’m testing the search bar. The Last Name Goodman is NOT in the list.

  • I start to type “Goodman” in the search bar to see what happens.
  • I type “G” and the list filters to every row with a “g” in it.
  • I type “Go” and the list filters to every row that includes “go”
  • I type “Goo” which does not appear in the list.
  • The entire list AND search bar disappear.
  • I can’t bring the list back because I can’t clear out the search bar–because it is no longer on the screen!
  • Why did it disappear?
  • How do I clear a search bar that no longer appears?
  • I had to literally delete the component and rebuild it.

Repeated this 4 times and it happened every time.

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yeah, looks like a bug.
I’m aware that Glide have been working on this, so looks like it’s been inadvertently broken.

@SantiagoPerez - I’ll send you a replay.


Im having the same issue

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Having same issue

@fluittsolutions Did you get an answer yet?

It’s been reported to Glide.
It’s quite a serious issue, so I imagine that fixing it will be given a high priority.

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It appears that a fix has been deployed for this.

@fluittsolutions are you able to confirm that it’s working for you now?

YES! Thank you.

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