Issue with search


i have a google sheet linked to my glide app

the columns of my google sheet are displayed in “cards” style layout

some of those columns of my google sheet (text only) are the parameters used in the “data” properties of my cards

however when i search with more than one word, there are no results found, even though there are rows in the spreadsheet displayed as cards that contain those two words. it works only with one word queries. how do i fix that ? thanks

The search is pretty basic. It will only search for a match of the entire search string in any of the column values your are displaying either in the list or the details for the list item.

The search does not search for each word in your search bar individually.

great thanks jeff
i just want to make sure i understand this correctly

so if a user types “banana recipe” there is no way to show him as the first results the card who is titled “banana cake flavor recipe” for example ?

because for now when i type “banana cake” it shows no result but it shows results for “banana” and for “recipe” separately.

thanks a lot

‘Banana cake’ should work as long as one of your displayed columns in the card or the details contains that complete string of text. ‘Banana recipe’ wouldn’t, since I assume none of your columns contain the string of text ‘banana recipe’. At least that’s how I understand it. I know there were some bugs with tiles and search a couple weeks ago. Does it work any differently if you use tiles or list view?