How do I create a favorites Tab?

I can’t seem to find the information in the documentation. I’m trying to create a favorites tab where users can go to to view what items they have favorited.

Please Help.

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Enable the favorite button for your items in the layout, then a separate favorites will be automatically created for you inside the same tab.

If you want to create a separate tab, you can make an inline list and filter it based on Is Favorited? = True, it’s natively handled by Glide.


But if I have different sheet tabs with different favorites and I want to collect them in one app tab?

Then you must have multiple inline lists.

Ok thx I understand how it works now

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Newbie here: Is there a Glide Support Video on how to create a Favorites Tab?

I’m not aware of a video guide, but here is the relevant section in the docs…


Much thanks!