Create Favorites Tab on App

Hello all. I wanted to create a tab on my app called My Favorites and have the favorites selected by the user go to this tab specifically. How can I make this happen?

  1. Create a new tab.
  2. Add an inline list with the right list selected.
  3. Filter for favorites.
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Can you clarify “with the right selected”

Sorry. Updated the text.

Oh ok! Thanks!!!

Would that list all favourites from every user though instead of each user’s specific favourite only?

Filtering an inline list with condition “Is favorited?” = True would create the result like DesVend wants.

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Yes, I did this in my app but not sure if that would apply to all users instead of just each individual one?

I believe that it would be natively handled so that the list is customized for each user. You can try previewing the app as another email to see if it works.

You were right! I tested with another email and it was specific to the user. Brilliant

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Correct. The Favorites feature/column was the first “User Specific” column available in Glide…it was just handled on the backend. Now, Glide has made it possible for us to actually user the isFavorite? data anywhere in our app.