How do I add an audio file to my google sheet?


I can’t figure it out… I have an audio file on my computer but I can’t upload it in the Google sheet.
When I put it on the drive it doesn’t give me a “.mp3” file.
I don’t understand how to get a “.mp3” link with my audio file.

Can you help please?

Thank you so much!

Did you share the file to get the public URL? Did you try the link with an audio component?

Yes the link is public, here it is but it’s not .mp3 :

What do you mean by “with an audio component”?

Thank you for the help Jeff!

The link works. Put it in your sheet and then add an audio component to play it in the app.

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Oh god, thanks Jeff… I have a chrome extension that was hiding the “+” sign in the top right corner so I didn’t know I could add components…

I lost so much time haha
Thank you so much for the help!

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Hello :slight_smile: I have the same question

The link -

Public in google drive folder, opens as mp3.

I have added an audio component but the controls remain greyed out and nothing is working.

Thank you

Did you have any additional settings for your file?

I tried the link here and it works.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Does it work if you allow downloading?

It’s working now :smiley:D

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