Hide the transparent panel for other users

So I have this 2 photos to show that I have created a tab for the users to see what they have ordered in my lead generation app. The first picture that shows “financial planning” is user 1’s view. The second picture that shows the invisible panel is user 2’s view. My query is to check if there is a way for user 2 to be unable to see user 1’s orders? Even after I set conditions for who should be able to see the panels, the transparent panel is still visible for user 2. Please help me if there is any solution.
Thank you.

if by the panel, you mean a tab… then just set visibility for that tab

No, not the tab. I mean the order list… You see in my screenshots, the first one which is filled in as user 1’s order, which is “financial planning”, is shown as an invisible filled up option in user 2’s order. I don’t want user 2 to see that invisible option even.

use the filter for that inline list, if you are talking about this arrow symbol > on image 2

thank you!!! it works now :slight_smile:

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