Visibility problem

When I log in from my user I see the page in its entirety.

When I log in from “everyone” he shows me exactly what I asked him to see.

But all of this is done properly through the Glide dashboard on the computer, when I log in through the mobile device as a guest user I only see a very small part of the components that were configured as a guest user.

Is this a bug or something I’m doing wrong?

My sharing settings have been checked and updated

Thanks to all the helpers (:slight_smile:

Hello Eliran

Not sure if that is sarcasm but anyway - let’s see if we can help. (Just noticed you only waited an hour to follow up!)

What are your sharing settings etc? If you can give us a little more info that would really help the people that invest time in the forum helping out a better chance of helping you.

Have you got any visibility settings on any of the components?

Please provide more info.


Hi thanks for the help!!

I have no restrictive visibility settings other than 4 containers that have visibility conditions.

If an “O” appears in the “sold vehicle” column, it shows certain components
If “N” appears in the column “Vehicle sold”, it shows certain components.

There is no Row Owner here
Because this is a page that I want to send every time to someone else, there is no reason for this function to exist

I see something completely different when I visit your app. What am I missing?

Me too - I created an account and can see the attached

Have you fixed your issue?

it was quite strange that I’m viewing on “Anyone”
And it shows me on the dashboard exactly what I want to see, but if I log in from the mobile phone it doesn’t show all the elements.

I finally found the problem
The column on which I set visibility conditions was user specific.
As soon as I canceled the user specifically everything worked out.

I will check it and get back with an answer (:slight_smile:

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