Hi-I'm an Event Coordinator

I’ve been printing large reports for our setup crew and saw Glide and thought how great it would be to get the information on their phones. I tested it for a couple of weeks and then stopped updating it. After a weekend they were asking when it would get updated.

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Are you saying your app stopped updating to show information from your sheet? This happens if someone changes the format of your sheet (renaming or removing columns used in your app).

I read it as that the users missed the updates and started asking for it. As a proof of the value of Glide :wink:


Oh, sorry, no bug on the Glide side. I have to reload the spreadsheet with fresh data frequently since the events update their requests or finish. I had to write/record macros to make the dates fit the necessary format and had not created those until I got feedback from my crew that they actually liked using glide. I wasn’t hearing anything until I didn’t do an update. Then they spoke up letting me know they missed it.