Here we go again! elements are disappearing

8 hours of work gone! for the whole week, elements are disappearing… this time one of my main elements is gone, that I spent 8 hours of work and already charge the customer for that…
is just makes me so angry!!! last year I lost 4 months of work and got banned by Glide for screaming in forum

Did you submit this to support?

Also, as I recall, I banned you for creating fake accounts with fake names like “Anna Morales” to comment on and upvote your own posts, not for “screaming.”

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no, that is my tenant… whom I convinced to join Glide, but after that, she did not want to do anymore Glide… and yes you banned me for 2 weeks, for cursing in the forum after I lost 4 months of work… and is happening again… the whole week is like that, this time I lost a big one, and I got paid for it already… I’m working overtime Sunday to recreate it

I have 4 years’ experience in Glide… I know when submitting a ticket makes sense, this case will not be solved by Glide support, I’m just making you aware that this is happening again…
Glide is rebooting times to times… is showing that it was open in another window… I know you guys pushing updates… but that makes my work disappear and taking out thousands from my pocket

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My entire app disappeared last week. I was unable to login at first. they fixed that but now my entire app is gone. Just hear to let you know you are not alone with these issues. It is extremely frustrating and I am also losing money. I will have to rebuild the app and not charge my client.

4 years?


maybe 3.5, don’t remember anymore

And again elements are disappearing! another view hours setback!

@Uzo your app has become too big to save (too many columns). Unfortunately, I think this will just keep happening to you. Please send your app to support so we can take a look.

We are working on increasing app size now.

I’m doing a new w app for a new customer, is not big yet… last night I add elements to a form and conditioned other elements depending on that element… I tested App multiple times, it was all good…
today this element is gone, and the other element’s conditions are gone, so it looks like the app reverse to some previous stage, because if is just element deleted, the conditions for other elements will stay,
It is really scary, now I don’t know what else is missing… is hard to find

and again… this time columns in the editor are gone!!! the app is rebooting from time to time… what is going on??? it is so frustrating :frowning: