Glide malfunctions

My app’s URL:

I’m working on multiple apps and I usually work on them at night. I don’t know if you guys do maintenance at night but there are major issue with adding items and the proper info showing up in the sheet. Things disappear, duplicate then disappear again. Slow adding of items, features being turned off(per user data, link to screen, inability to edit a screen. )

I thought I was doing something wrong at first but It only happens at night. During the day the only problem I have is lagging. Will the app operate this slow once it’s live?

This is very odd. Is somebody else experiencing this?

Would you mind going into a bit more detail, please?

  • Things disappear, duplicate then disappear again: What are the “things” that disappear? Components, or items in a list? Could you make a video of this happening, please?
  • Slow adding of items: Slow compared to during the day? Again, a video would be nice, especially a comparison of day vs night.
  • Features being turned off: Do you mean those things disappear from your app? Or you can’t access them in Glide?

Thank you!

When is your night ? In what utc time are you based ?

GMT-4 eastern standard time. Currently in ny.

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How is your internet connection? Just thinking that maybe there are connection issues in the evening when everybody is streaming and using bandwidth.

I will try to record my screen while I work and test. Even when I added the app to the screen it doesn’t show the logo. It shows the browser screen. I deleted and added again. Same thing. It the app on the bottom.

Could you share the app where the icon is wrong, please?

I’m not sure that Band with is the issue. Glide blanks out and resets things.

Last night it turned off an image link to a screen which took me forever to figure out and it turned off the per user data function.

I’m not sure if those are related to connection issues

@Mark I have similar issues: I have added some components that show on some items but not on others. The component seems to be added (marked by a green dot) but is not visible. Also, some entries have the reference data but not others. See video.

@Stephanie_Bonnet would you mind sharing that app with me?

Are you sure the “United Kingdom” reference is spelled exactly correctly? There’s no space at the end? You can go into the Data tab and look at the data as Glide sees it. If the reference doesn’t show up there, then my guess would be it’s spelled incorrectly.

Ah ah, got it: it was spelt UK in the reference list but I put United Kingdom in the first one and now it works. Same for price: it now shows.
One question though on the reference list: it pulls hotels but adds a “x”, it says “hotelsx” yet when I go to the spreadsheet there is nowhere where “hotelsx” is written?
The app is at

Can I share the spreadsheet with you in a direct message?

Glad that cleared up. What was the reason the price didn’t show?

About the “x”: you have two columns with the same name in that sheet (“Hotels”), so Glide adds an “x” at the end of one to disambiguate them. Arguably Glide could find a nicer name :wink: