App keeps revertimg!

Not sure what is going on here but the app keeps reverting to the way it was yesterday. I have been working on it for a few hours and completely didn’t notice it. I went and did everything over again, and everything I added just disappeared and went back to the way it was yesterday again. I’m lost. Using pro.

Do you mean the changes do not reflect in the real app or the builder?

Both. My app keeps going back to exactly how it was yesterday before hours of changes. Pics, Buttons, and components just disappearing. I will try to go forward and see if this happens again.

Did you turn off publishing by any chance?

Auto publishing is on and has never been turned off. I’ll let you know tomorrow if it does the same thing again. Thanks.

I had this happen a few times a month or so ago.

In each case, it involved a recently added Glide table. What I found was that the Glide table would become “unlinked” from the app, and so all components associated with that table would disappear. Once I realised what was going on, I was able to search for the “lost” table and re-link it to my app.

I did have an open support ticket whilst this was happening, but was never advised whether or not the root cause was actually addressed. It just stopped happening after a while, and hasn’t happened since.

In any case, my advice would be to backup (duplicate) your app regularly if you are making lots of changes.


This has happened to me too yesterday on my two apps. Code that was there just vanished. I had made a training video of all the new features… which at least tells me that I had actually done the work and was not dreaming.

This does not make me a happy camper, of course…

Could this be related to the issue that occurred a few weeks back with relation to the glide tables?

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I’m not even sure if it’s the glide table bug, because even my settings reverted back to how they were yesterday. I unchecked “about” so it wouldn’t show, and made my own About. And even the original About is is enabled again, while the About tab I made just vanished. It’s just really weird how every single thing went back to how it was the other day.

If this happens again, I would advise raising a support ticket.