Help me about relation with list

Suppose I have 1 catalog page including:
2 def
3 records.

Next I select page 1 and create repeat list
3.ghi …

and I want to ask do how to open list 1. abc will re-catalog it. do not see, only see 2.def and 3.ghi … similar when opening 2.def do not see 2.def not.

Please guide how to set up

You could create a relation of the menu item back to itself. Then in the details view, you would probably need to create an inline list for every menu item. Then, in each one, filter the list where Menu Item does not equal A,B,C, etc. AND set a visibility on each item to only be visible when Menu Item IS A,B,C. etc.

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Check out the Catalog Tab:

Glide · Create Apps from Google Sheets

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Thank you very much Robert_Petitto

How many items are there? You could also create an array of columns in your sheet (Item 1, Item 2, Item 3, etc.), then use some formulas to fill each item (or manually fill them) with all of the other items except itself. Then you can use this array ‘Item’ column to set up you relation to use for your inline list.

A while back I had asked for relation settings that would give the inverse (not matching) items from the relation. This would be a great case for that, but it’s kind of a rare scenario, so who knows if it will ever become a feature.

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