HELP. How to create specific task view for projects with changing teams?

Not sure if this is the place to look for support… Hope it is, if not, please forward me to the correct place.

I’ve been using glides for just a couple of weeks and I’m amazed by what I have achieved.

But I have come to a trouble I just can’t solve and I can’t find the solution on the tutorials. I’ll try to break it down as clear as possible:

  • I’m building an app for multiple things in my team, must important: managing tasks.
  • The team is build by around 20 persons.
  • We have almost 40 projects happening at the same time.
  • Each project has a stage, a project manager and multiple users, all from our team.
  • The group of people that work on each project change every time.

What I need for my app to be fully functional is to make the creation of tasks for a project specific to the users of that group, and that those tasks are only seen by these users so my tasks list is not a mess.

My approach was this: On my PROJECTS sheet I added 5 columns (USUARIOS 1, USUARIOS 2, USUARIOS 3, USUARIOS 4, USUARIOS 5) and added on each column a user for this project. Then, on the “Data” tab I can see Gide has created one single column titled USUARIOS and it contains all users for each project.

Then I tried to add the USUARIOS column from my PROJECTS sheet in to the “Create new task” form but I can’t see it, I only see the 5 individual “USUARIOS” columns.

I’ve seen how to make a task particular to 1 person (task owner) but can’t find the way to make the people in the USUARIOS column the ones who can create and see tasks for the specific project.

PLEASE excuse if my explanation is not crear enough. English is not my first language.



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So you only want those 5 emails to be able to add tasks in a project, is that correct? I assume you are using a form so you can use a visibility condition to only show the form when the signed in user’s email is Email 1 or user’s email is Email 2 etc

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Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I’m using a form to add tasks.

My problem is that I not only want certain users to be able to add tasks… but this users change from project to project. I also want all 5 users to see the tasks any of those 5 users have created on the project. Also considering that those 5 users are users on many other projects in no specific order…

Trying to put it as clear as my english can:

Everytime a USER is part of the USERS GROUP of a PROJECT, he or she can add and see ALL TASKS for this particular PROJECT. Considering that members of USERS GROUP changes from PROJECT to PROJECT.

Thanks again for your support.


As long as you are using a form on the project screen, you can use the visibility condition I mentioned above to achieve what you want. Only show the form if signed-in user is USUARIO 1 or user is USUARIO 2 etc

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I know this will piss someone off but if it is a project managing app your looking for you might want to look into

It is designed for this and would only require you to setup your projects and people. It’s great to have you here at Glide and we have some great stuff going but an app that is designed for exactly what you need and is free is hard to beat.

Nothing to piss about and thanks for the comment. But it is not what I need.

My app manages 6 different aspects of more than 10 companies working together in more than 20 different projects with interaction of around 50 different persons. So Monday is a project and task manager, and this is only 1 aspect of the 6 I mentioned, so we need to have all integrated into our own app which uses Gdrive as a share point of several TB of data.

So its not the route… but thanks again for the suggestion.

Check this out once. (Check out the tutorials tab for more clarity on various roles)

How I would approach this is having a form button to add users in a project and create a relation to all project members. That way you are never limited to only 5 project members per project.
Then create a relation between the users and the projects and use visibility conditions to define what the project members can see in a particular project.

My app has various roles inside a project as well:

  1. The admin who created the project has complete access
  2. The project head has complete access to their current project only. They can add new members and create new levels and tasks.
  3. The project members have access to view and complete their own tasks and add media files to projects they are involved in only.

All these conditions are set using visibility conditions only.