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I am building a task management app,In app there are 10 user so i want in that i crate task for XYZ and the task is only show to XYZ not everyone so is there any option for that???

Two options:

Based on your short description, I’d guess that using visibility will probably do in your case. But my suggestion would be to review the docs for each and decide for yourself.


@Darren_Murphy Thanks,
The thing is that i want to give task someone but in app all can see that task so i just want know there is any option for only that person see task??

Yes, as I mentioned there are two options.

Have you looked at the visibility option?
Let’s pretend that you have a column in your task table that contains the email address of the user the task is assigned to. Then it would simply be a matter of setting a visibility condition to only show that task where that email address matches the email address of the signed in user.

You’ll probably need a bit more than that, but that should be enough to get you started. Why don’t you try it and then ask if/when you get stuck?

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Sure thanks,
Let me just try that option.

I try both option but not working

Hi @Shivam_Sharma :wave:

As Darren said you can do with conditions.

Hope it helps!

Thank you


Hey @Dilon_Perera
Thanks a lot for this its very helpful, Thanks!! :grin:

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Your Welcome :+1:

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