Group by relation or lookup column

When using “Group by” option for my list I cannot see the relation or lookup column I have created in the data sheet. (I am using glide option and not an actual google sheet).

just started working with it today.

What do you mean by “cannot see the relation or lookup column”? Can you attach some screenshots?

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A relation is a row or series of rows, so there wouldn’t be any specific column to group by.

You can only group by a lookup column if it’s a single lookup derived from a single relation. If it’s a multiple (array) lookup derived from a multiple relation, then it could potentially hold hundreds or thousands of values, so it would be impossible to create a single group based on multiple values.

If you want to see a Lookup column as an option for grouping, then it needs to be derived from a single relation.


yep that makes sense, I will try with single relation instead.

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