Google Sheets Skipping Rows

Original data:

Ok I hope the image appears but I realised this was an issue when i tried importing the data onto another sheet, but it didn’t let me override existing data.

Then I realised, all rows I had deleted appeared onto the new sheet (which I imported data to). I think it’s not letting me override data because for example on the new sheet, position D4, might be position H3 on the original, meaning overriding it will cause an error.

My question is how do I get re-order the rows so it goes down 1 by 1?
And also when I import the data, how are the rows I’ve deleted re-appearing?

Imported data:

Are you deleting rows or just hiding them? Based on the image, it doesn’t look like you actually deleted rows. Otherwise the row numbers would have resequenced.

Not sure I completely follow your issue, but importing, it’s important that column names match. Not sure about positions, but it would help if you have a sheet or CSV file in the same order.


Turns out I wasn’t hiding anything - I had accidentally added 2 filters, and when I right clicked and pressed ‘remove filters’ it was all good. That’s why the left and the top (y and x axis) was slightly green and not white.

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So has your issue been solved?

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