Google Sheet used in Glide and Looker Studio not sync

I plan to use Google Looker Studio to plot a dashboard for reports. The same Google Sheet will be used as Data Source by Glide. However, I found that Google Looker Studio now locked this Google Sheet. Glide Apps data written to this Google Sheet no longer able to update.

Glide refresh google sheet get error code 1035!!

Are you still able to access the Google Sheet using the same Google Account that you log in to Glide with?

I’d suggest checking the permissions on the sheet and make sure that account has access.

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Hi Darren,

I have created a credential to access GoogleSheet through APIs. Since after this, my Glide can’t sync up with Google Sheet. Even when I trying to create a new Glide project using Google Sheet, the process just stopped and no new project creation based on Glide. I still have access to this Google Sheet through Google Drive and made change.

I have created a credential access Key for my Google Sheet API. But I am not sure if this is the reason?

Have you tried scrolling all the way down on the Sheet to see if the data is down there?

Just tried… there is none.

That’s weird. I would try submitting a ticket.

If Looker Studio is locking the Google sheet there is nothing Glide can do to write to it. Glide uses the standard Google sheet API and the API is not allowing us to write to the sheet. You could try using a separate sheet for the Looker reports and use an Importrange() function to pull in the data from the other sheet that is linked to the Glide app.