Google Drive Video/Audio Link not Working? Neither mega

Hello, I have not used Glideapp for about 1-2 months, I was happily using Google Drive and mega links to display my videos but they’re no longer working. I’ve tried using multiple different Google accounts to discard the possibility it might be google limiting one of my accounts. Still, I’ve tried with an account I have never used before and the result is the same.

This are an example of the links, the videos are small, mp4, and codec 264

2024_01_14-FoxNews_000_Mark_Lucasaudio.mp3 - Google Drive (audio)
2024_01_14-CNN_003_Tim_Walz.mp4 - Google Drive
2024_01_14-CNN_004_Malcolm_Kenyatta.mp4 - Google Drive
2024_01_14-CNN_005_Terry_Branstad.mp4 - Google Drive
2024_01_14-CNN_006_Larry_Hogan_And_David_Axelrod.mp4 - Google Drive
2024_01_14-CNN_007_Michael_Tyler.mp4 - Google Drive
2024_01_14-CNN_008_Nikki_Haley.mp4 - Google Drive

Is there a reason you don’t upload these directly to the Glide storage using a file picker?

i am facing the same issue. I just noticed it today