Audio wont link, images not showing from link

My app’s URL:

Not sure if its a bug but a lot has been changing glide and I havent been on in about 6 weeks. The audio is a link from google drive. it is shareable. It plays in google but not when linked to the audio component.

Images not showing from a shared google link. I have to drag and drop the image on to the component for it to show, which repopulates with a firebase link.

I seem to remember that only .mp3’s work from drive. Also, are you saying that you have images embedded in the audio files? Or are you talking about regular images? Sorry I’m confused as to what kind of files you are talking about other than audio files.

I know that mp4’s are also the only video files that will work with a link to them on google drive.

I had this issue this weekend across multiple apps. Eventually I changed the source to dropbox and it started working.