Glide Table Users - Bug

I’m starting to run out of ideas… what if you make a copy of the app and try that?

it works :open_mouth:

Okay, so I’d speculate that those email addresses were cached somewhere within Glide and somehow still associated with the old User Profiles sheet. It would explain why it worked fine when I logged in with a previously unknown email address. But I’m just really guessing there, I could be way off. The main thing is that it’s working for you now :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh yeah, I tried a new email address I never used before, and it works.
Thanks Darren :slight_smile:

I would agree with @Darren_Murphy. There is data that glide keeps track of internally, such as sign in info and user specific column values. I’m guessing if you went back to your original app, then used the ‘Delete User Data’ option, it would clear the internal user data from Glide’s servers and when you sign in it would write to the new sheet.

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