Glide Sign In with Google Not Working?

I’m just trying to sign to my account at, and it’s giving me the following error. Doesn’t matter how many times I refresh the page. I’m on the latest version of Google Chrome browser on Windows 10 OS.


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Hola @spencerb,

Have you tried to clear the cache and try again? Also, could you try and use a different browser? Firefox?

Still giving me the same error message.


Please send us a support ticket. Make sure you make a screen recording with the developer console open to help diagnose the issue.

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Second this. Cookie issue. Works when I sign in on another browser. Tried clearing cache/cookies in dev mode for Glide, still won’t work. I’m not clearing all cache/cookies and losing 5yr+ of data over it.

First started after the new release a couple days ago.

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Sending in a support ticket now with a screen recording showing the console. And just FYI, it wouldn’t let me submit the Support request without submitting the app support URL, but due to this bug, I can’t access it. So, I typed in Hope that helps. LOL.

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are you using a VPN? Any privacy extensions?