Glide App Templates are not opening - Help Please

Need some help please. I am brand new to this world. Every App Template I click on gives me this message:

Application error: a client-side exception has occurred (see the browser console for more information).

Please try these methods:

  • Clearing your browser’s cache
  • Turning off any extensions that may affect the website
  • Try another browser

Thank you so much. It worked on Edge! Thank you!! I have another question please if that is okay. Does Glide have a maximum amount of google sheets that it lets you add to an app? I am half way through my app and had 14 Google sheets added but now when I go to add a google sheet, it only lets me add a Glide Table. I am adding a habit tracker which is what I needed the tracker template for so that I can use it for guidance.

No, you can only add 1 Google Sheet to an app. Please consider restructuring your data into multiple tables, perhaps.

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Oh that makes so much sense!! Thank you so much!

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Just to be clear - you can only have one Google Spreadsheet connected to your app. But in that spreadsheet you can have as many individual sheets (tabs) as you want. But if you want to add one, you need to add it from the Google Spreadsheet, and then once Glide syncs it will detect it.


Thank you so much Darren. It finally clicked and made sense. All this time I was trying to add a sheet instead of add a tab to the sheet already synced. Now I will try and figure out how to provide a list of daily tasks for users to pick from and monitor for themselves. :slight_smile: Really grateful for this community.