Templates Error

Hi Guys,

Getting the below error when opening a App from the Templates - specifically the “Feedback” template
“Application error: a client side exception has occurred (see browser console for more information)”

Any ideas?

Did you create your glide account using your Google account, or a different email? Have you built apps that use google sheets as opposed to glide tables? Just trying to narrow down if it’s trying to save a copy of a Google sheet and possibly you aren’t linked to a google account???

Hi Jeff,
Valid questions, I indeed have Glide account using my Google account. Yes I did built apps, with google sheets and glide tables. I also tried to open a number of my apps, with a mix of google sheets and glide tables to test this, and all works well. But still can’t open any templates, very strange. I will now clear the browser cache, and report back.

Hi Jeff,
Happy to report back the clearing the browser cache resolved the issue. Thank you for pointing the direction. :slightly_smiling_face:


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