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Dear all Gliders,

Please have a look my page template: Receivables Management App → Receivables Management Template – Manage your company receivables • Glide

Its tutorial video is able to watch on this link: Receivables Management App Template - YouTube

Stay healthy and stay happy, always!

Hi Bungchow_DigiLearn,

Just sharing, what I have seen happening lately with certain apps, and the same in your app. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing the same and if so perhaps something to look into. But perhaps the problem is only on my side, but can also impact the users.

I am getting the following errors when trying to open the link:

" Application error: a client-side exception has occurred (see the browser console for more information)."

Here are the console events:

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Weird, Does it happen on other browsers too? I’m accessing the template normally.

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Did you try viewing the template after clearing the cache and cookies?


Yeah it is weird, I switched from my PC (Brave browser) to my Mac (Chrome browser) and is getting the same error. It is not all the APPs only certain ones. I also have an issue with some of the templates. I am beginning to wonder if it is not something to do with my google profile, as this is the only denominator between machines and browsers. But I also tested this, on the Mac with a different google user. and getting the same error for this specific APP. Really weird.

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No have not tried this (clearing cache) , but interesting that the same is happening on different machines. Let me try this quick

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Ok clearing the cache seem to resolved the issue, not sure if this could potentially effect users in the long run, and having to ask users to clear the cache might not be a fun thing to do.

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Hi @Marra, I found a similar case in a thread.

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I’ve clicked “Don’t track me” button, then couldn’t access template gallery and such a notification showed. I need to clear up the cache as a solution. And, I never touch the button anymore! :smiley: